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HEALTH. To us, Health means that we work in partnership with our patients doing our best to deliver the right sort of health care for you. All our senior staff mentor, teach and support our up and coming practitioners-in-training. We provide all our staff with ongoing training to increase their professional knowledge and expand the scope of what they can do for you.

HUB. The Hub is all about how we work in teams and in community. Our health care professionals working in clinical and care teams are able do the following:

  • Work with a wide range of health professionals and community workers;

  • Wherever possible, run outreach clinics that allow us to bring health care near to where you live, and where you work; and

  • Actively involve you, and the communities we work with, in how we deliver health care that works well for everyone.

PROJECT. Being a Project means that we review constantly, how we can be better at what we do for you.


The Health Hub Project NZ is a break from the traditional approach to community general practice.


It will develop and use both new and re-designed healthcare processes and systems - multidisciplinary care teams, professional collaboration internally and externally, and a culture of practice, overall, which is proactive and inclusive, respectful and supportive.


In the words of North American Health reformers, Porter and Lee (2013), the Health Hub Project will implement into practice a strategic new value agenda for healthcare practice:

  • The focus is on population health, and health education, on-site and in the community;

  • The value strategy is quality health care with measurable outcomes for patients, which the patients and the country can afford; and

  • The approach is to employ a high-value outcomes-oriented health delivery system, and integrated health organisation design.

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How a Clinical Team (CT) Works:

  • To make sure you get to see the right person, and in preparation for your visit, please explain why you want to see us - in detail.

  • Everything you say to us is kept confidential - and the more you tell us, the better we can care for you.Remember - when making a phone appointment, the more information you provide us, the better your Clinical Team (CT) is prepared for your consult.

  • When you arrive, a host will escort you to a consult room. Your clinician will come to you. All clinicians work with a CT Senior Doctor, and or a Senior Nurse Practitioner, situated in what we call our CT Resource Hub.

  • If a clinician needs to confer with a colleague, they simply go to our central CT Resource Hub. If at any time throughout your consult you wish to see the duty CT, or the clinician requires another opinion, someone from our CT Resource Hub will make him or herself available.


In February 2014, IRCNZ (Nolan, Nolan, and Hill 2014) proposed the development of a new, not-for-profit charitable trust, population health care centre for Palmerston North, the Manawatu, and Horowhenua, named the Health Hub Project NZ (2).


The Proposal was in response to the following two drivers for health reform and innovation:

  • The Government’s Better Sooner More Convenient Primary Care policy (2008), and the NZ Primary Health Care Strategy - PHCS (2011), to improve the health of enrolled populations, nationally; and

  • Nationally and internationally sourced health research findings and health practice developments, which demonstrate that patient centred, integrative and multidisciplinary health practice ​produces better health outcomes than at present, and at a cost that is affordable for both patients and those funding health care (Porter & Lee, 2013).

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Happy Twins


The Health Hub Project initiative starts with a clean slate; neither is it a colocation of existing GP-practices, wanting to amalgamate, nor does it conform to conventional conceptions of practice(3).


As such, the initiative invites individuals and groups, health professionals and the public alike who are:

  • Passionate to do better in health care, and

  • Willing to practice medical and health care in ways that many health professionals have wanted to do for a long time.

This TED Talk is well worth watching. The ideas Eric Dishman advocates for approaching health care in teams, that is, multidisciplinary teams that include the 'patient' and family as part of the team and its solution, EXACTLY expresses the ideas of the Health Hub Project.

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