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Health Hub Project staff don onesies to support Autism New Zealand

A Palmerston North health centre is proving it can walk the walk when it comes to worthy causes.

Staff at the Health Hub Project, which opened in Downtown Shopping Centre in March, donned onesies on Wednesday in support of Autism New Zealand.

Schools and workplaces were being encouraged to take part in Onesie Wednesday, which celebrates standing out and being different.

Shanelle Ward, utility and design manager, said it was important Health Hub plays its part in creating awareness.

"It connects the staff with other people, and I'll take any excuse to get into my jammies and wear them to work," Ward said.

Staff at Total Health Care were also wearing onesies to signify the merger between the practice, the Health Hub Project and Highbury Medical Centre, which became official on April 1.

"The occasion is a great way of connecting the three sites," said Ward.

All three practices will remain in their current locations and have Health Hub Project resources available to them.

The goal is to share and extend skills between professionals and increase community reach.

The practices are working towards combining client data, which will allow patients to book appointments at any of the three locations

"It's about being accessible to as many people as we can," Ward said.

Onesie-wearing staff had been received well, greeted by patients with smiles and laughter.

"People see doctors as being straight-up-and-down. We want to show that we're humans too."

Andrew Nolan, one of the Health Hub Project directors, said autism is one of the many different causes the company hopes to support.

The Health Hub has an Autism New Zealand donation bucket at their reception desk.

Nolan forgot to wear his onesie and would be paying a hefty penance to the donation bucket, which he didn't mind.

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